About Us


Where it all began

Our company name - J. Lynch Co., Ltd. is in honor of Mr. James Lynch, who was a gentleman from Denver, Colorado, USA.

He had helped Mr. Adam Liu (our founder) in many ways to establish the company. Unfortunately, the gentleman left us in 2000 due to heart disease.

Also, thanks to Mr. Wang (our founder’s former boss) for his great help. He valued Mr. Adam Liu’s hard-work and distinctive vision for the business while working together and decided to give full support and helped him a lot while establishing J. Lynch.

J. Lynch wouldn’t have today’s achievement without Mr. Wang’s contribution along the way.


Pack with Creativity

J. Lynch is not just another bag manufacturer. We are your trusted partner, providing efficient and creative solutions for your bedding items or garments since 1987.

    With the knowledge of construction, materials, and over 30 years of experiences are experts in designing and producing custom packaging solutions to ensure our customers’ products stand out in stores.


    Trouble-free Quality

    We serve our customers with the highest level of service and reasonable quality of packaging bags.  From creation to production, our teams in China and in Taiwan concentrate on every little detail and roll up their sleeves to deliver trouble free experiences to our customers.

    Whether you are looking for PVC, PE, PP, Non-Woven P.P. bags, suit covers/garment bags, or custom-printed shoppers/shopping bags, J. Lynch is here for you.


    Medical Consumables 

    We are well aware of how important quality is for medical consumables especially in times like this, we offer medical consumables made in Taiwan and S.E.A. countries. Our products include face masks, goggles, isolation gowns, etc.

    We're registered with FDA so our customers can have peace of mind.

    FDA Registration no.: 3012775375